Plastic Surgery on Paradise – Koh Samui

Cosmetic surgery procedures in Samui: face-lifts, abdominal lifts, breast enhancementsMore and more plastic surgery procedures are being performed every year. Once only for the wealthy, today people from all walks of life are having plastic surgery because of the great enhancements it can provide to quality of life. Plastic surgery can offer excellent improvements in appearance and self-esteem. Liposuction and tummy tucks are performed by hospitals on Koh SamuiBut before you undergo plastic surgery, you should understand what procedures can and cannot provide you. You should look at before and after pictures of plastic surgery procedures on actual patients.

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Tourism Authority of Thailand

An Enlightened Image of the Role of the
Tourism Authority of Thailand

TAT encourages tourism in ThailandWhen first proceeding to plan for a holiday, or an excursion into a foreign country, there are many hours of preparation that take place. One must calculate the exchange rates of the currencies, decide on a budget, integrate oneself with the Internet and the websites that are available for the particular areas of interest, and of course choose highlights of the visit within an exact timeframe. Continue reading

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No Credit… No Problem… Holiday at Coconut Resorts

No moneyYou’ve racked up your credit cards, your bank has begun to take action to reclaim your due payments through paycheck deductions, and your No credit and little cash to spendholiday vacation has crept up on you with your pockets empty. You do have that Christmas check from Grandma stashed away in your drawer for a rainy day though, and it looks like it’s time to cash it in.
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The Perseids Meteor Shower on your visit to Samui

The Perseid meteor showerEvery year in early August, we can observe the Perseid meteor shower from Koh Samui “the Perseids”, and it’s a fascinating island event. Unfortunately, there is a full Moon on the same day and this will make observing difficult (but not impossible, so don’t give in until next year!)

In August on Samui, the Earth passes through rock and dust fragments left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. As these small particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn-up, often creating a startling streak of light across the sky.
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Samui Island Marathon 2011

Samui Island Marathon 2011Bangkok Airways is putting down its landing gear and trading in its wings for its 2nd Samui Island Marathon. Competing in the Samui Island MarathonTaking off on Sunday, 18th September 2011 at the Nathon pier, competitors will race for the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup.

This year’s event is a collaboration of Bangkok Airways with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Samui Municipality and the Tourism Association of Koh Samui sporting a total prize worth over 3 million baht, the highest recorded prize money in Thai marathon’s history.

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Bungee Jumping on Samui – The Drop of Doom

Samui Bungy JumpNow under professional new management, the Samui Bungee Jumping is becoming a popular destination for thrill-seekers. Not for the faint of heart, or of bowels, this bungee jump takes you 50 m high above a 5 m deep plunge pool in the heart of Chaweng. Continue reading

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A Race Worthy of Running Again and Again

And so ends the 10th running of the international Samui Regatta, contested on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand.  It was for an annual five days and seven nights that crews, spectators and media have been treated to an uninterrupted schedule of sailing providing thrills, spills, and some of the closest competition that this event has seen since it first entered a race start sequence back in 2002. Continue reading

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Samui Regatta 2011 Winners

Final Results of the Samui Regatta 2011:

IRC-1 Class

  1. Elektra, Marcel Liedts
  2. Ichiban, Matt Allen
  3. EFG Bank Mandrake, Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth
  • Several protest hearings and redress for the Day 2 accident have resulted in Matt Allen’s crew having a challenging time in the protest room and his Ichiban being dethroned as the winner of the IRC 1 class. Ichiban moved down to second overall position. Marcel Liedts’ Elektra was elevated to the first place in the points shakeup. Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth EFG Bank Mandrake takes the third podium place. Continue reading
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Junior Optimist Regatta 2011 Koh Samui

The enthusiastically contested Samui Regatta also included the 4th running of the ‘Samui Junior Sailing Squadron Challenge – The Junior Optimist Regatta 2011′  with motivated and talented youngsters nipping around Chaweng Bay in earnest while having great fun. These young sailors may become the Samui Regatta stars of tomorrow.

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Samui Regatta Day 5 – Day 4 of racing

Results of the forth racing day at the Samui Regatta 2011:

IRC-1 Class

  1. Ichiban, Matt Allen
  2. EFG Bank Mandrake, Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth
  3. Elektra, Marcel Liedts
  • Matt Allen’s Ichiban returned to the race and immediately posted two wins in a row and despite only coming in fifth in race 9, holds onto top spot in the overall IRC-1 stakes. Marcel Liedts’ Elektra scored three wins in Ichiban’s absence but was reduced to second place on their return and by keeping up the pressure are in second overall. Continue reading
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Ichiban back in the Samui Regatta on Day 5

Ichiban, the yacht that was damaged in a collision on day 2, will be racing again today. The Australian yacht could be repaired by its own crew and with the help of members of other teams.

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Samui Regatta Day 5 Conditions

The Koh Samui Regatta 2011 awoke to clear skies and breezy conditions. The wind speeds in the morning reached 15 knots. The sailing conditions on Day 5 are perfect, teams and spectators look forward to a very exciting racing day.

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Three Races on Day 3 of the Samui Regatta

Wind conditions good!

Racing Class and IRC1 Class completed three races on Day 3.

Marcel Liedts’ Elektra won all three races on day 3 and is now on number Two overall position in the IRC 1 Class.

Neil Pryde’s Hi Fi won 2 of three races in the Racing Class and is now on overall position Two in the Racing Class

Team Premier came in forth on Race 6 but still leads the Racing Class at overall position One.

IRC2/Cruising Class is lead by Abraxas’ Greg Coops after winning the forth and fifth race at positions two and one. This class completed two races on day 3.

Cedar Swan and Radab Kanjanavanit (Thailand) is still at overall position One but came in forth and sixth in Race 4 and 5. The winners were Team Zazen (Koh Samui) and Bandara Sonic with Kirati Assakul (Thailand).

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“Layday” Definition

‘Layday’ on Koh Samui is clearly more fun than the official definition:

Laydays refers to the time when a ship must present itself to the charterer. If the ship arrives before the laydays specifed, the charterer does not have to take control or start loading (depending on the type of charter). If the ship arrives after the Laydays then the contract can be cancelled …
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Samui Regatta Day 4 – Layday

Thursday, 2 June 2011 – Day 4:
One day break from sailing – Off to the golf course.

The Regatta Golf Day is hosted by Santiburi Samui Country Club. Santiburi Samui Country Club is a championship golf course landscaped into the mountainside in the North of the isle. Each of the 18 holes on this 6,930 yards, par-72 course, has its own unique character and challenges. Continue reading

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